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    Valhalla, NY | Westchester County

    April 25, 2009

    This is a school where the students aren't afraid to talk to their teachers, the teachers and students are like friends. There are many clubs, and the students are very friendly and approachable. The only thing that would make this school better is if they had home ec. or wood shop, and if they drama productions we're taken more seriously. Besides that, its a great school.

    Submitted by a student

    June 14, 2007

    This is a small school offering an environment where the teachers really get to know their students and are dedicated to helping them make the most of their educational experience. Teachers provide an abundance of review and extra help sessions during and after school to make sure all students are prepared for finals and Regents. There is a core group of very involved parents who contribute greatly to the school community; however, there could be a higher level of parent involvement outside of this group. I am a parent of a Valhalla graduate now in college and a high school student. Both children have had enormous success at this high school and have been well prepared for the rigors of college-level academics. We have a well rounded AP program and students are excited about our excellent selection of elective courses and extracurriculars. A new superintendent and principal have made significant improvements.

    Submitted by a parent

    April 9, 2007

    As a parent of a special education student graduating this June, I can say nothing but great things about this school and it's teachers and especially their special ed department and director Liz McGowen. I must admit that on initial move here from CT, they were a little slow on the uptake with having my child re-evaluated in 6th grade, he struggled thru most of the 6th grade year and was depressed. Once they got the plan straightened out and moved my child to the correct class setting, things were 100 percent better. Special Ed teachers were very communicative, email was a great help, annual reviews were timely and help was always available. The Guidance office is also wonderful, Renee LeGende and Barb Wilson are spectacular! Thank you all for all you did...

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    January 30, 2007

    As a recent graduate of valhalla high school and a current student at a very well respected university i can say that valhalla prepared me in every way possible for the 'real world.' Its small classes and great teaching staff are what make valhalla a great place to go to school. i am proud to be a valhalla grad and believe that this school adequately prepared me for college and for the real world.

    Submitted by a former student

    January 12, 2006

    This entire school district is in terrible shape. The AP program is a joke. Athletics are the worst in 50 years. There few electives and few real choices for the kids.

    Submitted by a parent

    October 21, 2005

    Overall this school provided a very good environment for me and my older sister. The class size was very small and the teachers were excellent. The range of extra-curricular activities were many, and even original classes like TV Studio and numerous clubs were available. There is a high focus on quality learning and even though it's a public school, the attention and environment was that of a small private school.

    Submitted by a student

    April 1, 2005

    Extremely small, and the administration/board is very unjust. Teachers are excellent for the most part, and the student body is very typically suburban. Elective classes, AP's and atypical classes are scarcely offered.

    Submitted by a former student

    April 21, 2004

    While the schools overall performance is above average for the state there are severe defficiencies in many departments. The worst is the in house special education department. There is little or no communication between the special education instructor and the main stream teachers. There have been cases where the teachers did not know that a student in their class was a classified student. Other cases where the special education teacher could not help a classified student and told that student to go get help on their own. Other issues are that main stream departments do not operate as a unit. There are no department heads to direct the core curiculum from grade to grade or even within grade.

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